Jul 07, 2022  
2020-2021 MFA Graduate Catalogue 
2020-2021 MFA Graduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Additional College Information


College Personnel

President: Jonathan Brand*

Executive Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board of Trustees: RuthAnn Scheer

Vice President for Student Affairs: John Harp

Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission: Tom Crady

Vice President and Treasurer: Kay Langseth

Vice President for Alumni and College Advancement: Kristi Columbus

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College: Joe Dieker*

Associate Dean of the College: Erin Davis*

Assistant Dean of the College: Anissa Wolfe

Registrar: Megan Hicks

Assistant Registrar: Nikki Thompson

College Librarian: Gregory Cotton*

Technical Services Librarian: Gregory Cotton*

Consulting Librarian for the Performing Arts, Humanities, & Education: Jennifer Rouse*

Consulting Librarian for the Social Sciences: Meghan Yamanishi*

Consulting Librarian for the Natural Sciences and Technology: Amy Gullen*

*Also members of the Faculty

Members of the Graduate Faculty

Glenn Freeman (2004)
Professor of English. B.A., Goddard College; M.F.A., Vermont College; Ph.D., University of Florida.

Curtis Bauer (2020)

B.A., Central College; M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College; PhD., Texas Tech University.

Lily Hoang (2020)

B.A., University of Texas at San Antonio; M.F.A., University of Notre Dame.

Shena McAuliffe (2020)

B.A., Colorado State University; M.F.A., Washington University, St. Louis; Ph.D., The University of Utah.

Kisha Schlegel (2020)

B.S., Texas Christian University; M.S., University of Montana; M.F.A., University of Iowa.