Mar 24, 2023  
2017-2018 Academic Catalogue 
2017-2018 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Topics Courses

Cornell College has an all-college topics course sequence. These topics courses may be used by any department or interdepartmental program wishing to offer courses on an irregular basis. Courses offered under these numbers may be offered no more than twice. Further offerings of the same course would require regularizing the course through the established procedures for new course offerings. Departments or programs may choose not to use these special topics courses.

1xx - Introductory Topics in __________

2xx - Topics in _________

3xx - Advanced Topics in __________

The following descriptions provide information for courses which are not fully detailed in the departmental section of the Catalogue. These are courses with variable content which may change from year to year, or they are courses which are experimental and may be offered only once or twice before gaining approval to be listed along with other departmental or program courses. B.A. distribution requirements satisfied by these courses are shown at the end of each description.


Classical and Modern Languages

Latin American Studies



Sociology and Anthropology