Aug 06, 2020  
2018-2019 Academic Catalogue 
2018-2019 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

ANT 222 - Applied Anthropology (1)

This course will explore the relationship between anthropology and contemporary world problems, especially as they impact small-scale developing countries. Focus will be on the impact of tourism on local churches, economies and ways of life as well as the impacts of labor migration, climate change and practices like overfishing that deplete local natural resources. Students will observe the various kinds of tourism that have shaped contemporary Nassau, visit plantation ruins, and attend cultural events as opportunities arise. Some classes will be combined with the biology and geology classes traveling from Cornell to the Bahamas with us. There may also be opportunities to learn from presentations given by individuals or groups visiting the Center. Taught in the Bahamas, with time in Nassau, and at the Gerace Research Center, on the island of San Salvador. Entails additional costs. Prerequisites: ANT 101  and permission of Instructor. Alternate years.
(Social Science)